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Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh Logo

The Coleshill School has been running a successful Bronze Duke of Edinburgh program for four years and we are extremely proud of the students who have successfully completed the award.

The award gives our young people the chance to develop skills for life and work and fulfil their potential. The year requires all candidates to volunteer in and around our local community, learn a new skill and take part in regular physical activity. To conclude their award, they must complete a ‘Practice and Assessed’ Expedition, which is great fun for staff and students alike, and a fantastic way to finish the course.

If you would like more information about what Duke of Edinburgh entails please visit the DofE website


We currently have a team of 80 students completing their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. 31 students in Year 10/12 completing Silver and 39 students in Year 9 completing Bronze. This is very exciting as this is the largest group of participants we have supported through their award!

Weekly sessions for both Bronze and Silver participants run on:

Wed lunchtime for Silver Award

Wed after school for Bronze P Band

Thurs after school for Bronze Q Band

The Coleshill School - Key Dates for Diary

Sat 08th June – Practice Navigation in Kenilworth – Drop off and pick up at Kenilworth Castle Car Park (This only needs to be completed if no other practice walk has been completed).

Fri 21st – Sat 22nd June 2019 – Practice Expedition for all participants – Drop off at Kingsbury Water Park and pick up at The Coleshill School. Further details to follow.

Expedition 5 WeekendExpedition 9 WeekendExpedition 3 WeekendExpedition 10 Weekend