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Careers at The Coleshill School

temp avatarAt The Coleshill School we encourage all of our students to be the best they can be through ambition and achievement. This is why we have developed a careers programme, which works for all students across all of our year groups. Our aim is to provide all of our students with a comprehensive careers education which will allow them to go on to pursue careers they are passionate about.

We tailor our careers education to suit both year groups and individual students to ensure that the provision remains appropriate and relevant.





At the start of year 7 we encourage our students to embrace the culture of success at The Coleshill School. In order to do this we have devised a careers programme that matches the children’s needs as they transition from primary to secondary school. Team building and getting to know the school are vital for the children’s development so careers education is delivered through mentoring and enterprise super learning days.

Last year all of year 7 took part in The Apprentice where they spent the day manufacturing mocktails, writing and staring in their own adverts, and delivering keynote presentations to the year group and a panel of teacher judges.

I really enjoyed the day, my favourite bit was making the mocktails.
People’s adverts were really funny and made us want to buy their drink.
Year 7 Image 1
Year 7 Image 2
Year 7 Image 3

In year 8 our students select their options for GCSE so it is vital that they are able to make informed choices with regards to what they need for the next step in their education. Our options evening provides a useful start point for students and parents to begin the dialogue with teachers about options selection. All staff are on hand to the students to offer advice about the career options available should they select that subject.

To further options advice in the context of career choices all students take part in a personality and interests testing session which provides them with more guidance about possible careers and what they may be suited to.

Fast Tomato was really helpful for showing me what I could choose for my GCSEs.
I got a good idea of some jobs I can do when I am older.
Year 8 Image 1
Year 8 Image 2

In year 9 our students begin their options subjects. Throughout the year the students have super learning days which serve to make them more aware of current issues. Additionally the school runs excursions to local universities to help students become more aware of the requirements for certain careers and what the years following GCSE could entail.

School activities such as STEM club give our students opportunities such as current work with BMW to develop a chassis design for a hydrogen fuel cell car.

Coventry University was really cool, I’m definitely thinking of going to uni now!
The jump jet was my favourite part of the visit to Coventry, the students who showed us around were really nice!
Year 9 Image 1
Year 9 Image 2
Year 9 Image 3

In Year 10 the main focus of careers education is work experience which runs for one week during the summer term. The careers team support the children in finding and contacting their placement as well as ensuring that the environment is suitable and procedures are in place to ensure the safety of the students. Following their placements the students are asked to feedback to the careers team with how they got on and what their intentions are for year 11 and beyond.

In addition to this we provide our students with the opportunity to go on visits to local businesses and listen to guest speakers. Every year an excursion is run for all of year 10 to the Skills Show at the NEC which provides students with an eye opening experience about what kinds of companies they can go to for work experience or possibly work at in the future.

I learnt a lot on my work experience placement to a school, I have changed my mind about what I want to do but it still really helped.
My work experience placement helped me to decide what I wanted to do after I finish school.
Year 10 Image 1
Year 10 Image 2
Year 10 Image 3
Year 10 Image 4
Year 10 Image 5

In year 11 the main focus is on GCSEs and next destinations. We use the results from our surveys at year 10 following work experience to determine how many children are looking into 6th form, apprenticeships or employment. Using this information we can individualise the advice we give and help students to succeed.

During this year the children are given mock interviews where they are asked a series of questions about themselves and the way they would approach situations. We also offer an opportunity for year 11 to take part in “Be a 6th former for a day” where the students are given year 12 taster lessons and are able to discuss post 16 school life with our current 6th form cohort.

My mock interview was really helpful because it made me think about what my answers to interview questions would be.
I think I did well in my mock interview but I still got more advice on how I could improve.
Year 11 Image 1
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Year 11 Image 5