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The A-Z of The Coleshill School

Welcome to The Coleshill school. This is an exciting time for you, your parents/carers and for us as a school, it is the beginning of a partnership between us all.

You may have questions about the everyday life of your new school or, as a parent/carer, about how you can best support you over the coming weeks and months. This A-Z of The Coleshill School is a guide to hopefully answer some questions that you may have.


Assemblies – Normally once a week with a different focus each time, they take place with the whole house group or in year groups  and you usually sit in your tutor groups.

Attendance - very important as any missed time means missed learning. We expect your attendance to be above 96% and can offer support to improve attendance.


Breaktimes – 20 minutes every day from 11:05am to 11:25am.


Careers – Visit our careers office, we have Mrs Bishop and Mrs Clayton to help.

Catering – The canteen is available throughout break and lunch if you don’t bring a packed lunch. One-year group is allowed in the canteen for food at a time.

Charity – This is a big focus at The Coleshill School. We raise money for various charities throughout the year, through charity events and non-uniform days.

Curriculum – you will study lots of different subjects to start with to help you decide what you really want to do for your GCSEs and further, so take part and enjoy them all. In year 7 you’ll study Art & Design, Design Technology, Computing, Drama, English, Food Preparation & Nutrition, Geography, History, IBEC, Maths, Music, PE, PSCHE, Science, Spanish or French.


Detentions - hopefully this won’t happen, but detentions are 30 minutes after school in the canteen hall. They are also recorded on your Go4Schools log and your parents will be informed.

Discipline – we have high expectations of all our students, but we do have a behaviour system in place to offer praise, rewards and challenge poor behaviour.


Equipment – make sure that you bring the correct equipment each day for all your subjects. You must have a black pen, a red pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, calculator.

Extra-Curricular – all enrichment activities can be found on the school website. Keep your eyes out as different clubs and activities come up each half term. Find out about Children’s University – it is a great opportunity!


Fingerprint – on your first day we will set you up with an account to pay for food and drinks in school. Your parents can top up the amount on parent pay. You do not need to bring money into school.

Form groups – 4 houses each consisting of 8 different tutor groups. This will be assigned to you and you will find out on the 3rd July.

Friends for life - you will stay in your house and tutor group until the end of year 11 so please treat everyone nicely and with respect.


Growth Mindset - challenge yourself to meet new people and try new things. It’s the only way we learn.

GO4SCHOOLS – A system that students, parents and teachers use to track praise and behaviour, homework, timetable, progress, reports. You can log in from home on the computer or phone.


Holidays - Same as primary school so don’t worry.

Home Learning – Student, parents and teachers all use GO4SCHOOLS for homework activities and instructions. Each subject is expected to set homework each week, however this will be in small, manageable chunks.


Instrumental Tuition - for those that play an instrument or wish to play, you may be able to have small group sessions over the term. Speak to your music teacher about further support and tuition.

ICT - emails and Go4SCHOOLS play a big part in student and teacher communication so please ask your form tutor if you need further support. Your ICT teacher will go through all these systems with you in your lessons.

Interests - we cover a wide variety of hobbies and interests at The Coleshill School so please ask your tutor what’s available when you first meet in year 7.


Joining school - You will have a day in school without the other students at the start of year 7 to help with getting to know the layout of the school, how break and lunch works as well as meet all your new teachers and most importantly your tutor who you will see every day.


Knowledge - don’t forget to recap your learning from previous lessons and asks plenty of questions. Subjects will provide knowledge organisers to help you with your learning.

Key stage 3 – Towards the end of half term, there is a settling in evening with your parents / carer and tutor. It’s a chance for your tutor to get to know you further and for your parents to see how you are doing. A date will be announced in September.


Learning – earn praise points by being a Coleshill learner and focusing on our 6 core standards:

Team Work







Medical Room - not feeling well? Ask your teacher if you can see the school first aiders and your teacher will call for SLT to take you down to first aid

Mindfulness - be mindful of everyone around you. Everybody is different so be friendly and supportive. You’ll do lots of tutor activities on this.


Noticeboards - check you tutor notice board for any weekly activities and challenges in terms of charity and praise


One-way system - always walk down corridors on the right-hand side to prevent any traffic jams.


Parent pay – this is for your parents / carers to pay for your lunches in school. School trips will also be paid for using this system. Please do not bring in money to school.

Pastoral Support – If you have any questions or problems please use your Tutor for support. If you can’t find your Tutor, then please visit your Year Leader. You will meet these members of staff on your first day so don’t worry about that over the summer

Planners - if you use a planner or diary, you will have to buy one yourself and bring it into school. Don’t forget we use Go4SCHOOLS, this will help to keep you organised.

Praise points – It's a fantastic achievement to get a praise point so save them up. The more points you get the more likely you will be invited to rewards events. Praise points also count towards your House’s total!

Pupil Voice - Your views and opinions matter so please speak up. We have questionnaires and a Student Leadership Team to make your school experience enjoyable!


Questions - you are encouraged to ask questions to improve your learning.


Reports – you and your parents can view all of your progress data on Go4Schools.

Respect – please and thank you, opening doors. It’s the little things that make your school experience more enjoyable.

Reading and Relaxation - once a week we dedicate a tutor session to read something that we enjoy or are interested in.


School day

8.45 am – 9.05 am


9.05 am – 10.05 am

Period 1

10.05 am – 11.05 am

Period 2

11.05 am - 11.25 pm


11.25 pm – 12.25 pm


12.25 pm – 1.10 pm

Lunch time

1.10 pm – 2.10 pm

Period 4

2.10 pm – 3.10 pm

Period 5

Senior Leadership Team (SLT) - each Year has a member of the senior Leadership team who are there to support you to achieve your best at The Coleshill School.

Sports – we compete across the county in a wide range of sports such as Cricket, Football, Netball, Rounders. Ask your PE teachers for more details.

Sports Day - Sports event held during the summer term. It is lots of fun and all the Houses compete against eachother.

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM club is a weekly club after school where you can do cool experiments that you may not have the chance to do in normal lessons.


Time or Timings - see above regarding the school day. Please don’t be late for any of your lessons or for registration as this will impact your learning and will lead to a detention.

Transition – don't be afraid about the change in schools. You will meet new friends and we are looking forward to having you at The Coleshill School. There are over 200 new starters in Y7, you are not alone!

Trips - regular trips and events are organised by staff so please keep an eye out on the school website for these. Parent Pay will be used to pay for these.


Uniform - Clive Marks are the main suppliers of our school uniform. Please check the school website for links and guidance on uniform, especially with your school shoes. You’ll find out what colour tie you need soon.


Views - Assemblies and tutor activities cover a lot of different topic areas. This helps develop our awareness of the world around us, so be open about your views and opinions on things like charity, LGBTQ+, government, world book day, earth day, careers and many others


Worries – You, like every other student starting Year 7 at The Coleshill School may have some worries. This is perfectly normal. But once you start, hopefully all these worries will disappear.


Xylophones – we struggled here. But I'm sure we have some in the music cupboard.


You- The Coleshill School is there to support you and ensure you develop into a well-rounded young adult.


Zero Tolerance - poor behaviour and disrespect of fellow students and staff is not acceptable and if needed serious sanctions will be put in place.

Zzzzzz – make sure you get plenty of sleep over the holidays so you have lots of energy when you start in September