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Year 7 Work

Guide  Download
 Home Study Folder  Year 7 English Home Study Folder
Work pack 2 Autobiography Booket
Essential Skills 1-4 (My maths work to support) (MAR 2020)  Essential Skills 1
  Essential Skills 2
  Essential Skills 3
  Essential Skills 4
 Four Rules of Fractions (MAR 2020)   Four Rules of Fractions
Decimal Place Value (MAR 2020) Decimal Place Value
Expand and Simplify (MAR 2020) Expand and Simplify
Measure Time and Money (MAR 2020) Measure Time and Money
Number Properties (MAR 2020) Number Properties
Percentage of Amounts (MAR 2020) Percentage of Amounts
Assessment 2 topic list  (DEC 19) Assessment 2 topic list
KS3 Spine ALGEBRA  (APR 20)  PiXL Spine Mats MATHS Algebra
KS3 Spine Geometry (APR 20)   PiXL Spine Mats MATHS Geometry
KS3 Spine MEASURE (APR 20)   PiXL Spine Mats MATHS Measure
KS3 Spine MEASUREMENT (APR 20)   PiXL Spine Mats MATHS Measurement
KS3 Spine NUMBER (APR 20)   PiXL Spine Mats MATHS Number
Home Learning (MAR 2020)  Home Learning
B1 Cells and Organisation (MAR 2020) B1 Cells and Organisation
B2 Reproduction (MAR 2020) B2 Reproduction
B3 Interdependence (MAR 2020) B3 Interdependence
C1 Particles (MAR 2020) C1 Particles
C2 Separation Techniques (MAR 2020) C2 Separation Techniques
C3 Chemical Reactions (MAR 2020) C3 Chemical Reactions
P1 Forces (MAR 2020) P1 Forces
P2 Forces (MAR 2020) P2 Forces
P3 Electricity (MAR 2020) P3 Electricity
Home Study Folder Year 7 Art Home Study Folder
 Knowledge Organiser (MAR 2020)   Knowledge Organiser
Art Project (APR 2020) Pack 2 Year 7 Art Project
 Home Study Folder  Year 7 ICT Home Study Folder
French Autumn (MAR 20)   French Autumn 
French Spring (MAR 20) French Spring 
French Knowledge Oraganiser (MAR 2020) French Knowledge Oraganiser 
French Speaking Country  (MAR 2020) French Speaking Country 
Home learning booklet (MAR 20) Home learning booklet
Work Pack 2 Maps 
Work Pack 2 Maps Questions
Tudor Life Project (MAR 2020)   Tudor Life Project
Tudor Knowledge Organiser (MAR 2020) Tudor Knowledge Organiser
Activities (MAR 2020)  7 Activities
Knowledge Organiser (MAR 2020)  Knowledge Organiser
Rhythms of the World (MAY 2020) Rhythms of the World Passport Workbook
Spanish Autumn (MAR 20)  Spanish Autumn 
Spanish Spring (MAR 20) Spanish Spring 
Spanish Knowlege Oraganiser (MAR 2020) Spanish Knowledge Oraganiser 
Spanish Speaking Country (MAR 2020) Spanish Speaking Country 
Home Study Year 7 PE Home Study Folder