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Student Voice

Joe Danks PortraitOver the previous school year we have contributed in many ways to the continuing success of the Coleshill School.  At the start of the year, we totally rebranded and reshaped the student voice and its leadership structure. We attempted to emulate the structure of the Senior Leadership Team of our school; this means that all leadership throughout the school is closely linked. The continual success of our school is in part down to the complex nature of the Senior Leadership Team and all of their contributions to the school; for this reason we thought it would be a great idea to copy this structure.  

At the beginning of this academic year, we set ourselves two major targets to achieve by the end of the year. These were to implement learning detectives and to ensure all teachers employed at this school taught at outstanding levels. The reason that these two targets were so important to us was because we felt teaching and learning standards had to be at an exceptional standard to ensure all students could maximise their learning and achieve the very best grades possible.

Possibly the biggest contribution over this year has been our constant input in teaching employment. Mr Smith-Childs has given us great responsibility in every single teacher interview and has valued our opinion.  As a Student Leadership Team we have embraced the responsibility that has been thrust upon us this year. As a student voice panel we have been involved in more than ten teacher interviews in the last twelve months.  During these interviews, our panel would split into three teams: two members would actively observe all of the candidate’s lessons, whilst two members would take each candidate on a tour of the school and about five members would interview the candidates from a student perspective. We have had extremely positive feedback from all candidates and members of the Senior Leadership Team; on how we were great representatives of the school and how we were very thorough in the interview process. We also believe all employed teachers will bring outstanding teaching to the school; meaning the school in general can only improve and become an outstanding school.

We have also introduced Learning Detectives, students who visit lessons to observe the learning and consider which areas are successful and whether there may be some improvements. The reason for this is that us as students we might be able to pick up on things that teachers sometimes don’t see. From the information we gather, we can look at putting steps in place to make sure all pupils achieve to their fullest.

In conclusion, I believe that the Student Leadership Team has made great steps in ensuring the continued success of teaching and learning in our school is sustained; giving every person at the school the best chance to achieve greatness.  We are looking forward to now expanding the impact of student voice across the school and finding a way for all students to have a voice!

- Joe Danks

Student Voice Director