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Year 7 Numeracy & Literacy Funding

The Coleshill School Year 7 Catch-Up Funding 2016/17

Total catch up budget:



Catch Up Champion TLR Post




A dedicated HTLA who was responsible for planning and implementing a catch up programme for our Y7 and Y8 students, offering reading support and teaching.

Reading tests logistics were planned to use data from September 2016 to June 2017 to measure progress across the year.  Interim assessments were used to measure progress throughout the weeks.


Ø  80% of students targeted made progress (increase in reading age between September 2016 and June 2017).

Ø  78% made above expected progress (more than 10 months increase in reading age).

Ø  20% of these students made outstanding progress (3 years or more increase in reading age).

Withdrawal groups for Y7

Y7 students were withdrawn from humanities lessons and taught in our Guided Learning Centre by a HLTA.

The lessons delivered the content of geography, history and citizenship but focused on literacy improvements.


Read Write Inc

Phonics programme delivered by Catch-Up Champion at tutor time (25 mins) to 9 x Year 7 students with a low reading age.

CPD delivered on 23/01/2017 to English Department to support in class teaching


The pie chart shows the levels of progress the Year 7 students made; 8 of the 9 students made progress seen below.1.png

After school club

Delivered after school every Wednesday. 19 x Year 7 students during Spring Term and 15 x Year 8 students during Summer Term. Intervention focused on key reading skills.


The pie chart shows that 71% of students showed an increase in their reading ages2.png

Breakfast club

Available every morning (8.10-8.40am).

Students who had missed work in lesson to catch-up work during breakfast club.

Adapted in the Spring Term to work with 23 students with a low reading age.


Ø  100% of students (with available data) increased their reading age and made progress.

Ø  78% of students made more than expected progress (1 year or more increase in reading age).

Ø  18% of students made outstanding progress (more than 3 years increase in reading age). The highest progress being 5 years and 2 months.

Inference intervention

Intervention focusing on the reading skill of inference.

It was delivered by L2 & L3 TAs during tutor time (25 mins) to 12 x Year 8 students with a low reading age.


All students increased their reading ages and made progress. 

Total spend