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Miss Burroughs, Lead Teacher of Music is so proud of our amazingly talented Year 9 & 10 Music students who performed at Birmingham's German Market on Saturday 23rd November 2019

German Group

Singing 1

Singing 2

Singing 3

Singing 4


Weekly Blog 22nd November 2019:  Sporting Superstars

At The Coleshill School we are very proud of our sports provision and passionately believe that sport is a positive means of ensuring students are healthy and happy.  Our amazing PE department have been recognised year after year for their achievements: we have Sports Mark Gold, we are the regional winners of the Schools Games competition, we have a fantastic football academy linked to West Bromwich Albion Foundation and we a national trail blazer in the new ‘A Game of Our Own’ programme.

Photo 1

Photo 2

So, our passion for sport permeates our whole school and we always celebrate when we hear news of our sporting superstars.  There are far too many students to mention them all but I have picked out five students here to give a special mention to.  If your child is a sporting superstar please do contact me so that we can celebrate their success.  Tomorrow I will be standing on the side lines coaching as my youngest plays football for his Under 11 team, before heading to Solihull Riding School to watch my daughter compete in a major cross country event.  Well done to all our sporting superstars and keep it up, whatever level you are at.

Lilly is in Year 11 and is an elite golfer.  She is currently the Captain for the Junior Team at the Belfry having won a host of awards for her golfing achievements. We look forward to following her progress.

Photo 3

Reiss is fast becoming the next big thing in Welsh rugby! He is a Year 10 student who is now part of the Worcester Warriors academy and was chosen out of 300 players in his age range to represent the Welsh Exiles in half term. Reiss played scrum half and was selected as captain.  What a great achievement.

Photo 4

Terri-Ann is an outstanding archer and won the inaugural Coleshill sporting achievement award in the summer. Terri-Ann regularly competes nationally.  In July Terri-Ann shot very well at Archery GB’s National Outdoor Championships as well as going to Archery GB’s Youth Festival later that month. Keep an eye out for Terri-Ann in future Olympic squads.

Photo 5

Taylor is in Year 12 and regularly competes at elite European and world level. Taylor has been a world champion and is now moving up age groups to fight at an even higher level. Most recently she claimed silver and bronze medals at the European championships in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Taylor is also a model student, having achieved excellent GCSE results in the summer.

Photo 6

Millie is an exceptional pole vault athlete who trains at the prestigious Birchfield Harriers athletics club.  She is currently placed 14th nationally, which is phenomenal. She is also a fantastic sprinter.  Millie was an award winner in the sporting achievement category for the last academic year (Millie is below on the right).

Photo 7

Here are some more students who have achieved excellence in their field in recent months.  Please do send us your stories and photos and we will share your child’s success too!

Tegan came 3rd out of 22 competitions in ice skating. We are very proud of you.

Photo 8

Liam was chosen to represent Warwickshire in Gealic football in Ireland, a fantastic achievement.

Photo 9

Oliver has signed as a goal keeper for Walsall Academy, well done Oliver.

Photo 10

Jamie won the Junior Silver Grade Tango in Midlands based competition. Fab-u-lous!

Photo 11




On Friday 15th November 2019 students and staff at The Coleshill School held a non-uniform day to raise money for Children in Need.  Students were asked to donate £1 if they came to school in non-uniform.

Sixth Form students held a cake sale at break and there were some amazing cakes donated by parents, students and staff.  At beaktime teachers bravely took part in ‘Soak the Teacher’, a very popular sport, where students paid to throw wet sponges at the teachers!  At lunchtime Sixth Form students hosted their version of the game show ‘Take me Out’ in the Hall in front of a packed audience.

The total amount raised for Children in Need was £1,202.93!

Mr Smith-Childs, Headteacher commented “It is inspiring to see our students being involved in raising money for this worthy charity.  Our Sixth Form students worked really hard arranging the cake sale and other activities.  Thank you to everyone who donated to this worthy cause.”



CinNeed 1

CinNeed 2

CinNeed 3

Sponge 1

Sponge 2

Sponge 3


Dear Parents / Carers

I am writing to inform you that we are having to close the school fully for an extra day on Tuesday 3rd December.  This follows the teacher training day on Monday 2nd December where the school is already closed.  

My sincere apologies for the short notice about this closure, however we need to close the school to enable Western Power to carry out excavation works for the new electricity substation which will power our new building.  Allowing the work to take place over this long weekend has been carefully considered to ensure the minimum amount of disruption.

Despite some delays to the original building programme over the summer, as outlined in previous correspondence, the building works have been going well and we are now on track for the new modular buildings to be delivered during half term, depending on the weather!  Assuming all goes well I will be sharing some photos and an update in my first Weekly Update of the new half term. 

As a result of having to close the school on 3rd December, we will no longer be having a ‘moving day’ as set out in our original calendar for the year.  This way there will be no lost learning time from our original plans.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Yours faithfully

Ian Smith-Childs




On Monday 11th November 2019 The Coleshill School held its annual Remembrance Service to commemorate former students of The Coleshill School who lost their lives in active service.

In front of a packed Hall of students and visitors, Sixth Form students proudly read out the names of 27 ‘old boys’ from the first world war, 9 from the second world war and James Munday who was killed in Afghanistan in 2008.  The last post which was followed by a two minute silence. 

Mr Smith-Childs, Headteacher said “I would like to thank all our students, staff and visitors including, Adam Richardson, Mayor of Coleshill, for attending our Remembrance ceremony.  This is an important event for the school and I am so proud of the number of students who voluntarily attended the Remembrance Service and were so respectful today to commemorate our lost boys”.

Remembrance 01Remembrance 02Remembrance 03Remembrance 05