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Great turn out for the Digital Schoolhouse E-Sports quarter final on Friday 2nd Feburary. Students from Year 9-Year 12 will be competing for a place in the final next week.

The competition is running across some Warwickshire schools - see link below for further information:-


Quarter Final



Procedures for Severe Weather Conditions

At this time of year it is necessary to advise you of the procedures which will be adopted in the event of a school closure due to inclement weather.

Always assume the school is open.  Should the school need to be closed, due to health and safety concerns, most commonly related to transport, a decision will be made by 7.00 am at which point the following will apply:-

We will update our website as soon as a decision is made – thecoleshillschool.org A text message will be sent to parents/carers (priority 1 contact only)

To ensure that our telephone system does not become clogged with traffic, could we please ask that:

You visit the school website as this can be updated very quickly and will display the most up to date news Ensure that we have your current mobile number so that a text message can be sent to you

If the weather changes during the school day, and it becomes necessary to close the school, we will contact parents via text message and update the school website.  Provision will be made for children who are unable to go home.

These are the emergency procedures and will be used only when school buses are unable to operate or to open the school would present a health and safety risk.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mr I Smith-Childs


Examination Certificates - Summer 2018 Exams

GCSE and GCE examination certificates for examinations taken in Summer 2018 and previous years, are available for collection from the student support office, if you are unable to collect them yourself and would like them collected on your behalf please issue written authorisation.

Examination Certificates - Summer 2019 Exams


Summer 2019 examination certificates will be available for collection from Monday 2nd December 2019 from Mrs Hodgkinson, Examination Manager, in the student support office.

If you are unable to collect them yourself, and would like them collected on your behalf, please issue written authorisation.

Once you have received your certificates, please check your personal details and the grades. If your grade has changed through an Enquiry about Results this will be correct on your certificates.

The Coleshill School achieves award for careers work

The Coleshill School has been recognised for its outstanding careers work. The school has been awarded the national Quality in Careers Standard by Prospects.  The national Quality in Careers Standard is awarded to schools and education providers who can demonstrate the importance they place on careers and how they support students to make decisions about their life after school.

The Coleshill School is continually working to improve the chances and opportunities of all their students.  Recognising the importance of preparing students for their future careers the school began working towards the national Quality in Careers Standard.

More than 1,100 schools and colleges are already voluntarily working towards or have achieved the national standard for careers.  There is a statutory duty to ‘secure independent careers guidance’ for all students from year 8 onwards and the Government also recommends that all schools should be required to work towards the national Quality in Careers Standard.

Achieving the national Quality in Careers Standard shows the head teacher, governors and leadership team at The Coleshill School embrace, promote and endorse quality careers education and recognise the part it plays in the overall success of the school and its students. The Coleshill School offers a range of activities to introduce students to the world of work and help them make decisions about life after school, including a one-week work experience placement, practice interviews with outside companies in and all year groups recently attended a careers fair at the school.

Ian Smith-Childs, Headteacher commented:- “We are thrilled to have achieved the national Quality in Careers Standard awarded by Prospects.  At The Coleshill School we recognise the important role school plays in helping students develop their knowledge, skills and experience so they can go out into the world and achieve personal success.  This award has provided a flexible framework that enabled us to audit our work on careers and ensure our students are receiving advice, practical support and experience so they are prepared for the next stage of their education, employment, self-employment or training.”



On Tuesday 8th January 2019 a Regulatory Committee meeting took place at Warwickshire County Council and the committee voted to give planning permission for a new teaching block and facilities at The Coleshill School, which is being funded by Warwickshire County Council.   The expansion of the school is to accommodate up to 1330 students in the coming years, with an increasing proportion of students coming from Warwickshire primary schools.

The next phase of the project is now moving forward and the provisional plans include: 12 classrooms including some with retractable walls which will provide space for examinations or double classrooms, additional dining room space, a piazza style landscaped area and additional car parking.  The location of the building is to be opposite the current dining room within the school grounds.  At this stage it is anticipated that building will be completed in the autumn term 2019. 

Mr Smith-Childs, Headteacher commented “This building work will future proof the school and mean we can provide a high quality education to over 1300 students.  I am proud to be in a school where the local community has so much confidence in us and wants to send their children to us. We look forward to sharing plans and timeline with the local community once they have been finalised.”