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Local employers have been teaming up with Year 11 students from The Coleshill School as part of the academy’s annual ‘Practice Interview Day’.

Year 11 students ‘dressed to impress’ in smart business wear for their practice interviews.  Outside companies including:  Balfour Beatty, Compass, Sertec, Kuehne & Nagel, Powerfix, Network Rail, Marriott Hotels, Oaklands, Willmott Dixon, NHS, British Army, Barclays Bank and Clive Mark, together with a selection of independent professionals, conducted the interviews which students had prepared for by completing formal application forms.  The 20 minute interviews were conducted just like ‘the real thing’ with structured questions about themselves including their predicted grades, outside interests and work experience.

For most of the students it was their first interview and a really important and valuable learning experience for them.  Some students were even offered apprenticeships after their interviews!   Feedback from the potential employers was really positive, including:

“A really enjoyable day. The students presented themselves well, answering questions with confidence and professionalism.  All were eager to learn and to better themselves.”

“I enjoy supporting the school in this worthwhile interview practice. The school’s approach to this and the students are impressive.”

 “Excellent and well-organised career event with real focus on giving students a realistic experience of an interview.”

“A pleasure to interview such a great selection of potential employees.”

Headteacher Ian Smith-Childs said: “Our students really benefit from taking part in the interviews,  especially with such a crucial life changing time ahead.  They took feedback and considered this to support them with their future endeavours. “We would like to thank all the companies and their representatives for taking part and we look forward to welcoming them back to school in the future.”

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Non Uniform Day


Great turn out for the Digital Schoolhouse E-Sports quarter final on Friday 2nd Feburary. Students from Year 9-Year 12 will be competing for a place in the final next week.

The competition is running across some Warwickshire schools - see link below for further information:-


Quarter Final


On Sunday 3rd February 2019, Terri-Ann, Year 9 student and Daniel, Year 10 student, both at The Coleshill School, took part in the Warwickshire County Indoor Archery Championships at Quantum Archers in Handsworth. 

Terri-Ann and Daniel were part of the Junior Team who won the Junior County Cup at the Warwickshire County Indoor Competition.  They both shot extremely well with Terri-Ann gaining 2nd in County (Warwickshire) and 2nd in Region (West Midlands) for her class and Daniel maintaining good form all morning.

Terri-Ann has been shooting for just over two years.  Her current classification of Junior Bowman means she is in the top 15% of junior archers in the country. She is also ranked number 63 in the country for all junior archers, and number 17 in her current age group. Terri-Ann competes at both regional and national competitions, and these are some of the highlights from last season:

Daniel has been shooting for 4 and a half years. He has a current classification of 1st Class at Under 16. Daniel has shot twice for the county of Warwickshire, and has just secured his first sponsorship with The Archery Shop www.thearcheryshop.co.uk

Mr Smith-Childs, Headteacher, commented “We are really proud of Terri-Ann and Daniel, their enthusiasm, hard work and commitment has helped them achieve these awards.”

Terri Ann DanielTerri Ann 1


Procedures for Severe Weather Conditions

At this time of year it is necessary to advise you of the procedures which will be adopted in the event of a school closure due to inclement weather.

Always assume the school is open.  Should the school need to be closed, due to health and safety concerns, most commonly related to transport, a decision will be made by 7.00 am at which point the following will apply:-

We will update our website as soon as a decision is made – thecoleshillschool.org A text message will be sent to parents/carers (priority 1 contact only)

To ensure that our telephone system does not become clogged with traffic, could we please ask that:

You visit the school website as this can be updated very quickly and will display the most up to date news Ensure that we have your current mobile number so that a text message can be sent to you

If the weather changes during the school day, and it becomes necessary to close the school, we will contact parents via text message and update the school website.  Provision will be made for children who are unable to go home.

These are the emergency procedures and will be used only when school buses are unable to operate or to open the school would present a health and safety risk.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Mr I Smith-Childs