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The Coleshill Sixth Form’s aim is to foster a vibrant, supportive and happy sixth form community in which each student is encouraged to develop a wide range of intellectual, cultural and recreational interests, to strive for excellence in fulfilling their potential and to develop a sense of independence and social and moral responsibility in preparation for the roles they will play in the wider community of the 21st century.

We operate in a purposeful, friendly and adult environment in which students are encouraged to develop a sense of independence and take responsibility for their study; this can perhaps best be described as ‘challenge with support’. The two years in the Sixth Form are important in shaping your future career and education and will also, we hope, be remembered as an exciting and enjoyable experience.

The Coleshill School offers students a chance to continue developing the skills and attitudes that are required later in life. It provides opportunities for extra - curricular and community interests and students are given every encouragement to be leaders in the school  through our unique Leadership Award.

Above all the Sixth Form is about helping you realise your potential whatever it is. We want our Sixth Formers to be successful and happy whether this is success in university entrance, in your chosen career or in developing your wider potential. We also want our Sixth Formers to be considerate and responsible members of a happy and thriving community.

Mr G. Owen

Head of Sixth Form

Meet The Team

G Owen's Photo
Mr G. Owen

Head of Sixth Form

C Benyahia's Photo
Mrs C. Benyahia

Post 16 T&L

A Gregory's Photo
Mr A. Gregory

Progress Leader


School Calendar 2019-2020

Autumn Term 2019
Staff Training Day Monday 2 September 2109
Staff Training Day Tuesday 3 September 2019
Term Starts Wednesday 4 September 2019 (Year 7,11,12 & 13 Only)
Term Starts Thursday 5 September 2019 (All Years)
Staff Training Day Thursday 24th October 2019
Staff Training Day Friday 25th October 2019
Half Term Monday 28 October to Friday 1 November 2019 
Staff Training Day  Monday 2nd December 2019
Term Ends  Friday 20 December 2019
Spring Term 2020
Staff Training Day Monday 6 January 2020
New Building Move Day Currently postponed to end of January - date tbc
Term Starts Tuesday 7 January 2020
Half Term Monday 17 February to Friday 21 February 2020 
Term Ends Thursday 2 April 2020 
Staff Training day Friday 3 April 2020 
Summer Term 2020
Term Starts Monday 20 April 2020
May Bank Holiday Friday 8 May 2020
Half Term Monday 25 May to Friday 29 May 2020 
Term Ends Friday 17 July 2020
Staff Training Day Monday 20 July 2020




Staff Training Day Tuesday 1st September 2020
Term Starts Wednesday 2nd September 2020 (Year 7,11,12 & 13 Only) – (To be confirmed)
Term Starts Thursday 3rd September 2020 (All Years) – (To be confirmed)
Staff Training Day (To be confirmed)
Half Term Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October 2020
Term Ends

Friday 18th December 2020

Staff Training Day Monday 4th January 2021
Term Starts Tuesday 5th January 2021
Half Term Monday 15th to Friday 19th February 2021
Term Ends Thursday 1st April 2021
Term Starts Monday 19th April 2021
May Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May 2021
Half Term Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June 2021
Term Ends Wednesday 21st July 2021 (to be confirmed)



Applications for The Coleshill School are administered by the Warwickshire Admissions Service:


Please visit the above website for full details about admissions and appeals.

Warwickshire schools admission arrangement policies can be found on their website: http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/admissionpolicies  

All admissions to the school must be made through a child’s home Local Authority and therefore this could be Warwickshire, Solihull or Birmingham, depending upon where a child lives.

The Process

Apply either online or by paper form with your own Local Authority.  Remember, as Coleshill is a Warwickshire School, if you reside in Solihull or Birmingham Local Authority areas you apply to these Authorities, observing their deadlines using their forms or on-line website.

Useful Contacts

Warwickshire Admissions

01926 742037


Solihull Admissions

0121 704 6693


Birmingham Admissions

0121 675 0555



Applying for a place at The Coleshill School if you reside outside Warwickshire

Apply using your home Authority’s form or website and you will need to name ‘The Coleshill School’ on the form or website as they will only list schools located within that Authority.  Simply write or insert ‘The Coleshill School’ as your choice and your Local Authority will automatically inform Warwickshire Admissions to secure your application.

The Coleshill School Admissions Team

Mr I Smith-Childs


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mrs T Rawlins

Attendance Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
  Data Team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
New places made available in Year 7

Due to exceptionally high levels of demand we have increased our PAN (Published Admission Number) to 210 for the Year 7 in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.  All other year groups remain 180.

We positively welcome applications from other Local Authorities.  We are happy to meet with prospective parents to show them around the school and answer any queries.  Please contact Mrs Barnes as above.

In Year Admissions

The decision to move a student's school once they have started their secondary school is never one taken lightly by parents.  Moving house or catchment areas or other more personal reasons can trigger an enquiry for a school place.  The school has a planned admission number for each year group that it cannot exceed without referring a parent to the admissions appeals system.  However, places do become available within year groups and parents are welcome to contact the school to see if a space exists. 

How do i apply for a school place if my child has an Education, Health and Care Plan or a Statement for SEND?

The Coleshill School prides itself in being inclusive and will endeavour to support every student. We would love you to consider our school and we aim to meet the needs of all the students in our care.We are committed to meeting the needs of all, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.We would ask parents to discuss the identified needs with the school prior to starting so that appropriate intervention and support can be planned. Advice from the LA or other agencies may be requested to ensure that the school can meet any needs appropriately

Children and young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan (or Statement of Special Education Needs) follow a different admission and transfer process for a new school.   You continue to have a right to request a particular school and this will be considered alongside the information that we have about your child’s special educational needs.  The information would have been provided as part of the Education, Health and Care assessment or following the review meeting.

As a school we aim to do the very best in order to make all children feel welcomed and included during transition.  If you would like to discuss SEND requirements in detail please Contact the SENDCO: Gina Bye who will be able to advise you further.  Please go to the SEND information page for more information: https://www.thecoleshillschool.org/parents/send-information 

How do we support SEND students in care?

There are exceptions for admissions when considering students who are looked after and are under the care of the Local Authority. 

For any enquiries relating to a place at the school in any year group please contact the Data Team as above.

Planned Admission Number (PAN) is 210 (Year 7 - September 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019)
PAN for all other Year groups - 180



Testimonial from a WORK EXPERIENCE employer - 2019

 I think the week’s Work Experience was really worthwhile and interesting, for Ryan. Here’re a few photos from Ryan’s week.  

Ryan visited The Elmshurst Ballet School, in Birmingham on Monday. On Wednesday, he attended a marketing meeting with the Dance Consortium in London. Finally, on Friday, he visited the Birmingham Royal Ballet stores in Minworth. Ryan was particularly fascinated by the range of props stored in the vast premises there!

Ryan 1Ryan 2Ryan 3

What is Work Experience?

Work Experience is a period of time spent by students in Year 10 in an adult working environment.  The variety of places available is limited only by safety, insurance or security restrictions.  The choice is determined by the student and courses chosen in consultation with subject teachers, tutors and with Mrs Bishop, the Work Experience and Careers Co-ordinator at school. This year, Year 10 Students will be spending one week from 1st  to 5th April 2019.

Why does Work Experience happen?

Work Experience helps students to:

  • Develop key skills, appropriate attitudes and develops personal qualities which together make for work readiness.
  • Understand the world of work.
  • Increase your knowledge of particular jobs or careers.
  • Improve and appreciate your employability skills and talents
  • Gain confidence
  • Accept the importance of school and college and or university work
What can I do for my Work Experience placement?

Depending upon the courses you are presently studying at school, some, such as Health and Social Care, require you to gain a Work Experience placement within that subject area to support your coursework.  You may already have a clear idea of the career you wish to follow post 16 and so Work Experience within that area would be your ideal choice.  If you have no clear idea what you would like to do for Work Experience, please see Mrs Bishop, Work Experience and Careers Co-ordinator in the Library who will be able to help and support you.

Who can help me?

Make sure you discuss your Work Experience placement in depth with your parents/carers in the first instance.  If you require any guidance or advice p[lease see Mrs Bishop.

What do I hope to gain from Work Experience?

This might include:

  • An insight into what the workplace is like.
  • Experience/ideas for your future career.
  • Learning that you would not like to work in a certain environment in the future.
  • Experience and a reference to use when applying to colleges of further education or Sixth Form post 16.
  • Learning about yourself – how to approach tasks and deal with problems, your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Contact for a future part time or full time job.  
Planning the Placement:
  1. Look for places which will challenge your abilities and test out your career options.
  2. Find the right placement in good time (some placements require up to a year’s notice).  
  3. Make the initial enquiries and contact the employer yourself preferably by approaching them directly or by writing a letter of application attaching a personal information sheet.  
  4. Keep the school informed.
  5. Try to take up placement opportunities in non traditional and unusual areas.
  6. Be prepared to carry out any tasks you are given to the very best of your ability, recognising that some of the tasks may be boring or menial.  As you complete these tasks successfully, it is likely that you will be given more stretching tasks as the week progresses.
  7. Do some basic research beforehand into the employing company and what it does.   
Students will be expected to:
  • Be punctual, reliable and co-operative.  Punctuality and turning up for work on time is vitally important so research your travel arrangements beforehand
  • Remember to call the employer and school if you are ill or going to be late.
  • Behave properly in an adult working environment.
  • Work a normal working day.
  • Undertake any reasonable request made by the employer.
  • Dress appropriately (finding out what is expected beforehand).
  • Listen carefully and follow instructions.
  • Abide by all health and safety guidelines as stated by the employer.
  • Tell a member of staff where you are at all times.
  • Have a positive and helpful attitude.
  • Enjoy and stick with it!  It is therefore vitally important that you make the right placement choice initially.
  • Complete your Work Experience Diary on a daily basis.

Further Information:

If you have any queries about Work Experience please contact Mrs Bishop, Head of Year 10 /  Work Experience and Careers Co-ordinator at school.  Her office is located within the Library.

Tel No: 01675 462435 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.