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All welcome to come along Tickets - £5.00 (Concessions £3.00)

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Open Morning on Saturday 27th June was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who came and all the students and staff.

We will be holding an Open Evening on Thursday 1st October 2015 - further details to follow

The student House council was launched in the Autumn Term, after elections were held in each tutor group. Thus we now have a democratically elected student body to represent our students. There are four House councils – one for each of our Houses – Beauchamp, Dudley, Greville and Newburgh. The council meets every two weeks to discuss whole school issues which are fed back to the School leadership team. 

An example of what happens at each meeting is given below:-


Beauchamp House Council Meeting –Thursday 16th March

Today representatives of the House Council wanted to talk about the Comic Relief and want it means to them.

The team talked about how they perceived it, the fact that it helps to support good causes and still maintains that ‘fun factor’ element.

Comic relief was launched 30 years ago, and has raised over 1 billion pounds for the charity. All types of people from Celebrities to everyday people give their time and effort to raise funds. In our meeting today Beauchamp House wanted to do something to raise awareness of the poverty around the world. The students would like to watch success stories of what  the money has been spent on, they also came up with suggestions for what they can do on the day, So watch this space and keep looking on our school website!

Beauchamp House Council


Student Voice – Team Dudley.  We do exactly what it says in the title – we ensure that the students in our tutor groups get their say and that their voices are heard.  Our sixth formers chair our meetings and each representative from each tutor group join in with the discussions.  A recent discussion  topic was how removing the bell from changeover lessons has made a massive improvement on how we  can move around the school.  The most recent meeting was obviously to discuss how we could make money for Red Nose Day.  Thanks to the organisation of the Student Voice across all of the houses we raised well over £900.  Well done Coleshill School.



As part of the House Council, we get to decide on the future of the school and have our say. It helps us to develop leadership and communication skills. We have the confidence to speak to people outside of our normal day and  share opinions. We also get to support the House charity.

Greville House Council


Through the Newburgh House Council meetings we are able to gather everyone’s opinions to try and improve our school.  We give everyone an opportunity to speak and share any issues they have.




Photo Questions and Answers

We asked our current Year 7 students some questions about their time in Year 7 and any advice for the new Year 7s coming up in September:-


Question:  What have you enjoyed most about being in Year 7?

  • Working in different classrooms for each lesson and working with new teachers. There is always somebody to help you around the school
  • The fun afterschool activities like football training. I have enjoyed my lessons and the teachers are really nice. I really enjoyed being a student receptionist for the day, the student support staff are very kind and helpful.
  • So far in year 7 I have enjoyed meeting new teachers and new friends.  I have enjoyed having a new school routine as well. I have enjoyed doing trampolining and student reception was great too
  • I have enjoyed making new friends and learning new subjects. I feel so confident in all subjects and I have had a great year 7
  • Learning different subjects especially Art and Music
  • I enjoy all of the fun things we get to take part in
  • I have enjoyed how everyone has been so kind and welcoming and all of the lessons have been really fun.
  • I have enjoyed the lessons that we did not do in primary school such as Cooking, Drama and Technology.


Question:  Any advice to new Year 7s?

  • Always make sure you bring your equipment with you to school
  • Don’t be afraid to ask anything and be yourself. The teachers are all really helpful if you have any issues in school
  • Don’t be frightened to ask questions about anything. The more questions you ask the more confident you will be.  It is ok to be scared but you will soon adjust to the new school and fit in
  • When I first started I felt really nervous but the teachers really help to build your confidence
  • Don’t be afraid to speak to others and ask for help
  • If you are unsure about anything go and ask a teacher or the head of year
  • Don’t be afraid to speak to new students and make new friends
  • I would tell them not to worry, just be yourself and you will soon make friends
  • You will enjoy the food in the canteen and all of the new subjects.  Also you will meet lots of new friends


Question: What do you least enjoy about being in Year 7?

  • Being the smallest students in the school.
  • I least enjoy the amount of homework I get
  • There isn’t anything that I have not enjoyed, overall it has been a fantastic experience
  • Nothing it has been a great year and an amazing experience for me
  • I don’t like being the youngest year group
  • It takes a while to get to know everyone in your year and takes a while to get to know your way around the school as it is so big
  • Being the smallest in the school
NamesPrimary School Attended

Ben & Luci

Coleshill CE Primary School


Curdworth Primary


Marston Green Primary




Slade Primary School


St Edwards


St John’s Primary School


Water Orton Primary


For further information about joining Year 7 please contact:-  Mrs Barnes, Head of Year 7, Transition Manager  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We have a wide range of instrumental lessons on offer here at the Coleshill School, the lessons are taught by professional musicians who deliver fantastic, quality lessons.

It is our aim to provide high quality instrumental tuition at Coleshill, offering a wide range of instruments whilst making instrumental lessons as accessible as possible. In order to improve this high level of provision, we are making a couple of changes to the lesson options that are available.

Lesson Options:

From January 2018, we will be offering two options for lessons through the introduction of a group lesson option as well as an individual lesson. We hope that this will assist as many students as possible being able to consider learning a musical instrument.


One to one lessons: £13.00 per lesson

The option of one to one lessons will continue. We anticipate that this will be the most common lesson format and provides great value, promoting the fastest level of development on a musical instrument.

Group Lessons: £8.00 per lesson

Group lessons will now also be offered. In this scenario, students will be placed in a small group of two or three students, all of a similar ability. This will allow students to receive dedicated input as they develop on their instrument and also learn alongside their friends.


Communicating effectively and raising lesson attendance:

The current system of rotating lessons each week ensures that a student will usually only miss one lesson of a subject in any given term. This system will continue in order to minimise any disruption to their learning.

To keep students up to date on their lesson times and timetable, we plan to move to an online platform called Edmodo (a virtual classroom platform / check www.edmodo.com for more details). This will enable students to always access up to date lesson times and assist in our ongoing efforts to effectively communicate with students. It will also be possible for parents and to set up an account and monitor any communication through this platform with their own child and check timetables.

In order for this to be set up, we require permission for any students under the age of 13 although we are also keen to respect the wishes of parents.

The lessons are held on a weekly basis via a timetable clearly displayed in the music department. The timetable is on a rotation so the students never miss the same lesson more than once per half term. We are very flexible and can arrange times to suit the student’s needs.

The students are to complete a form and we ask parents to sign and return it to Mr WIlley asap. We offer these lessons on a first come first serve basis only.

The instrumental lessons we offer are...
  • Adam Newbury: Guitar – electric and acoustic
  • Richard Evans: Piano, Flute and Voice
  • James Rawson: Drums
  • Jay Taylor: Voice
  • Adrian Taylor: Brass
  • Victoria Strudwick - Violin

The peripatetic teachers guide the students in their instrumental studies and recommend that they their grade exams on their instrument, this helps the students if they choose to take GCSE music as one of their options, however, if a student would like to play for their own enjoyment then that’s ok too!

To download a music lesson booking form please see link:  Music Booking Form - Spring Term 2019