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We have a wide range of instrumental lessons on offer here at the Coleshill School, the lessons are taught by professional musicians who deliver fantastic, quality lessons.

It is our aim to provide high quality instrumental tuition at Coleshill, offering a wide range of instruments whilst making instrumental lessons as accessible as possible. In order to improve this high level of provision, we are making a couple of changes to the lesson options that are available.

Lesson Options:

From January 2018, we will be offering two options for lessons through the introduction of a group lesson option as well as an individual lesson. We hope that this will assist as many students as possible being able to consider learning a musical instrument.


One to one lessons: £13.00 per lesson

The option of one to one lessons will continue. We anticipate that this will be the most common lesson format and provides great value, promoting the fastest level of development on a musical instrument.

Group Lessons: £8.00 per lesson

Group lessons will now also be offered. In this scenario, students will be placed in a small group of two or three students, all of a similar ability. This will allow students to receive dedicated input as they develop on their instrument and also learn alongside their friends.


Communicating effectively and raising lesson attendance:

The current system of rotating lessons each week ensures that a student will usually only miss one lesson of a subject in any given term. This system will continue in order to minimise any disruption to their learning.

To keep students up to date on their lesson times and timetable, we plan to move to an online platform called Edmodo (a virtual classroom platform / check www.edmodo.com for more details). This will enable students to always access up to date lesson times and assist in our ongoing efforts to effectively communicate with students. It will also be possible for parents and to set up an account and monitor any communication through this platform with their own child and check timetables.

In order for this to be set up, we require permission for any students under the age of 13 although we are also keen to respect the wishes of parents.

The lessons are held on a weekly basis via a timetable clearly displayed in the music department. The timetable is on a rotation so the students never miss the same lesson more than once per half term. We are very flexible and can arrange times to suit the student’s needs.

The students are to complete a form and we ask parents to sign and return it to Mr WIlley asap. We offer these lessons on a first come first serve basis only.

The instrumental lessons we offer are...
  • Adam Newbury: Guitar – electric and acoustic
  • Richard Evans: Piano, Flute and Voice
  • James Rawson: Drums
  • Jay Taylor: Voice
  • Adrian Taylor: Brass
  • Victoria Strudwick - Violin

The peripatetic teachers guide the students in their instrumental studies and recommend that they their grade exams on their instrument, this helps the students if they choose to take GCSE music as one of their options, however, if a student would like to play for their own enjoyment then that’s ok too!

To download a music lesson booking form please see link:  Music Booking Form - Spring Term 2019

More Able representative:  Senior Link – Mrs K Robinson email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What does More Able Mean?

‘More Able’ describes children and young people with an ability to develop to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop those abilities):

How has my son/daughter been selected?

Students are selected for the More Able program by either teacher nomination or through the use of school data. Students who are selected will then be included on the school’s More Able Register.

What does this mean for my child?

For the next academic year, your child will remain on the register. The purpose of this is to improve attainment, motivation, self-esteem and encourage a growth mind-set. At Coleshill we aim to meet the educational needs of all our pupils. For the more able, this includes providing greater challenges in lessons and opportunities for pupils to develop potential gifts and talents.

In-class provision includes:

  • Tasks which demand higher order cognitive and intellectual skills to challenge pupils.
  • More complex and open-ended tasks and flexible learning strategies.

Out of class provision includes:

  • More able focus group in years 9 and 10 who meet once a fortnight
  • Year 11 more able tutor group
  • Lunchtime and after-school clubs (STEM club, Maths Club, etc…)
  • Visits to events including university master classes, taster days and residentials (we are currently working with Aim Higher Plus to create a program of free enrichment activities with the focus of raising aspirations) 
  • Peer mentoring

How can I support my child?

Positive approaches Encourage a variety of interests and activities Help your child to organise their time Encourage use of local facilities such as the library Organise visits to museums, science centres and art galleries Encourage discussion and debate in the home Demonstrate pride in achievement Help your child to discover how fun learning can be Show sensitivity to your child’s interests without trying to mould them Include your child in family decision-making Show the importance of relaxation, socialising and exerciseEncourage your child to use the department specific websites

Useful Links:-

National Association for Gifted Children - practical tools and courses to help you develop your child's gifts and talents.

National Association for Able Children in Education - independent education organisation specialising in teaching and learning for able, gifted and talented students.

BBC Schools homepage – learning resources for home and school.

Clive Mark, Sheldon opening hours from 17th September 2018:- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday  9.30am to 4.30pm.  Closed on Wednesday and Sunday

Changes to PE Uniform from September 2018 

We are pleased to inform parents and carers about a planned change to our PE uniform from September 2018. We have reviewed several different suppliers for quality and cost and taken into account the opinions of students and staff, resulting in some changes to our PE uniform. This change will give an improved image and build on the success of our PE teams winning the Gold Mark Award for 2017. We are introducing the new PE uniform for our new Year 7 students starting in September 2018, however the new PE uniform will also be available for other year groups as replacement PE uniform is required.

Images of the  new PE uniform can be seen at the below link and will be available to purchase from Clive Marks, Sheldon store

Girls Uniform Boys Uniform 

Black Blazer with embroidered school badge * With sewn on school badge*

Black Blazer with embroidered school badge * or
Black Blazer/With sewn on school badge*

House Tie*

House Tie*

Black Tailored Trousers* (standardisted from Clive Marks ) with school emblem
(with no zips or buttons, not skin tight, jeans or leggings)

Black Tailored Trousers
(not skin tight or jeans.)

Black Skirt (with school emblem.)


Plain White Shirt
(with collar to take tie and must be able to be tucked into skirt or trousers)

Plain White Shirt
(with collar to take tie and must be able to be tucked into trousers)

Black V Necked Jumper (optional) - No hooded jumpers

Black V Necked Jumper (optional) - No hooded jumpers

Black socks

Black socks

Black or Neutral Tights(not patterned)


Plain Black Belt with Plain Buckle

Plain Black Belt with Plain Buckle

Black Shoes
(no different coloured soles or logos and made from leather, no canvas is allowed)

Black Shoes
(no different coloured soles or logos and made from leather, no canvas is allowed)


Girls - Compulsory PE Kit:-

Boys - Compulsory PE Kit:-

Polo Shirt - Girls' Fit - House-Coloured with School Crest*

Falcon Rugby Jersey - House-Coloured with School Crest*

Mid Layer - Girls' Fit - House-Coloured with School Crest*

Polo Shirt (Akoa) - House-Coloured with School Crest*

Shorts - House-Coloured with School Crest*

Shorts (Akoa) - House-Coloured with  School Crest*

Socks - House-Coloured*

Socks - House-Coloured

GIrls - Optional PE Kit:-

Boys - Optional PE Kit:-

Track Pants (Akoa)- Black/Red with School Crest* Track Pants (Akoa) - Black / Red with School Crest*

Leggings (Akoa) with School Crest*


NOTE: * Item can only be purchased from our school suppliers


Girs Sportswear
Boys Sportswear
Girs Sportswear Tops
Boys Sportswear Tops


Students are expected to wear correct school uniform at all times in school and on journeys to and from school

Coats/Hats/Hair Accessories
  • Coats must not be worn instead of the school blazer.
  • Coats must not be worn in classrooms.
  • Hats must not be worn whilst in school uniform.
  • Hoodies, sweatshirts, cardigans or vest tops should not be worn in school.
  • Hair accessories must be black, small, unobtrusive and functional.

Hairstyles should be neat and conservative, in harmony with the blazer and uniform. In general, they should not be excessive or extreme, eg.closely or decoratively shaved patterns on the scalp. Parents/Carers should seek guidance from the appropriate Head of House about the suitability of hair style BEFORE a visit to the hairdresser, if their child is considering a hair style which differs from the norm or may be considered as extreme. Colours which are not natural eg. green/red/blue/pink/purple are not acceptable for school.


The only acceptable items are :-

  • A wristwatch
  • One pair of plain small earlobe studs. Other body piercings are not permitted.
  • No other jewellery should be worn including wristbands. If you have any concerns please contact the appropriate Head of House.
  • Make-up is not allowed.
  • Nail varnish or any false nails are not allowed.
  • Students breaching the make-up guidelines will be required to remove it.

Most garments may be purchased in stores throughout the area.

However, school badges, house ties and items in house colours or with the school logo on can only be purchased through our school suppliers. Purchases can be made:

  • Online
  • At the store in Sheldon
  • On a day/evening when they are selling items on the school site:

(details to be published shortly)

Clive Mark Schoolwear

2286 Coventry Road


B26 3JR

0121 722 2286



  • A strong waterproof bag for carrying books.
  • A pencil case with blue/black pens, coloured pencils or felts, 30cm ruler, and rubber.
  • Protractor, compass and a simple scientific calculator for Maths
  • A Student Planner provided by the school. If a student loses their planner they will be expected to purchase a new one at the cost of 1.00.
  • All clothing and property should be clearly marked with the student's name. Labelled property is returned to its owner.
  • Red Pen - for DIRT and Red Zone work
  • Black Pen - for all other writing
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Calculator
  • Reading Book

This is the list of essential school equipment that all children must carry with them every day

This school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff volunteers and parents to share this commitment

Parent/carers should know that the law (Children Act 2006) requires all school staff to pass on information which gives rise to a concern about a child’s welfare, including risk from neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse. The staff will seek, in general, to discuss any concerns with the parent/carer, and where possible, seek their consent to a referral to Social Care.

This will only be done where such discussion will not place the child at increased risk of significant harm.

Schools will seek advice from Social Care when they have reasonable cause to suspect a child may be suffering or likely to suffer significant harm. Occasionally, concerns are passed on which are later shown to be unfounded. Parents/carers will appreciate that the designated person for child protection was carrying out their responsibilities in accordance with the law and acting in the best interests of all children.’

Mrs Larkin
Mrs C. Larkin

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Bishop
Mr M. Bishop

Year 11 Leader

Mrs Bishop
Mrs E. Bishop

Year 10 Leader

Mrs Oniell
Miss M. O'Neill

Year 9 Leader

If you have any concerns, please report immediately to a designated member of staff.

New places made available in Year 7 for 2015!!

Due to exceptionally high levels of demand we are increasing our PAN (planned admission number) to 210 for the new Year 7 in 2015. All other year groups remain 180. This means that there are now approximately 30 places available for prospective families. If you would like to come into school and meet with Mrs Barnes, Transition Manger, members of staff and students, and Associate Headteacher Mr Smith-Childs, please contact the school as soon as possible after the Easter break as we anticipate these places will go very quickly due to existing levels of interest.

For further information and to arrange a visit contact Mrs Barnes at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the school on 01675462435

Please click here for further details