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To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of WW1, students from The Coleshill School have made a Weeping Poppy’ display at the war memorial at Coleshill Parish Church.

Working with Simon Toon from Coleshill Remembers WW1, students made 140 ceramic poppies, representing one for each fallen serviceman from Coleshill in WW1. 

Simon Toon said “The ceramic poppies have been completed thanks to the very hard work of the Art Department at The Coleshill School and the students and sponsorship by Aldi stores”.

Georgie Pudge, Art Technician commented “This has been a fantastic community project.  The students have enjoyed taking part and the whole community can enjoy the weeping poppy display whilst remembering the fallen heroes from Coleshill in WW1.”

Poppies 1

In March 2018, as part of her GCSE PE course, Kimberly, Year 11 student at The Coleshill School, attended a school trip to West Bromwich Albion Football Club.  The trip was intended to give students information about how they can continue to study physical education or sport at university.  During the trip Kimberly took part in a workshop to design a sports kit for Mungo Sport, a new sportswear company started through funding from the Princes Trust.

Kim won overall against other students who took part in the workshop and the prize was for Mungo Sport to create her design.

On Tuesday 9th October 2018, Mungo Sport came to The Coleshill School to talk to the students about how they started up their business and also to present Kimberly with her winning design made up into a sports kit.

Mrs Trude-Smith, PE Teacher commented “Kim’s a fantastic student who deserves this reward. She plays so much sport outside of school she is an inspiration and it’s really great for her to be able to actually see her design made up as a one-off customized kit”.


The Coleshill School recognises the importance of teaching real life skills, so pupils become well-rounded individuals who thrive.

For this reason, The Coleshill School embraces the ‘SPIRIT’ rewards scheme which stands for self-management, perseverance, innovation, reflection, independence and teamwork.

The Coleshill School students, Reiss and Emily are celebrating their hard work and success on the scheme, having reached over 200 SPIRIT points each last academic year.

Emily found her new skills helped her day-to-day as well in school. Emily said, “I often use SPIRIT skills after school and even during the holidays, it’s helped me focus and achieve so much more.”

Reiss found the SPIRIT reward points motivating, saying “accumulating points make me want to build on what I’ve already acheived….it makes me hungry for more!”

Adam Gray, Associate Assistant Head, is himself an ex-pupil of Coleshill School and states “I’m passionate about the positive benefits SPIRIT provides students, the School and society; it encourages a culture of success and innovation.”

Another ex-pupil Richard Plotnek, Director at Coleshill based PLOTT Creative, heard about SPIRIT and was keen to get involved. In 2016, PLOTT committed to sponsoring the scheme artwork and reward stickers which take pride of place on pupil’s books.

Richard said “We’re proud of our involvement with SPIRIT and the way it’s grown year on year. Recognising and rewarding students for their hard work is vital.”

The school hope further SPIRIT point milestones will be achieved by students who are just as committed as Emily and Reiss.  The Coleshill School teachers have now awarded over 50,000 SPIRIT points to students in recognition of their skills.