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Headteacher's Blog - Let's hear from the students

Headteacher’s Blog 2nd October –  Let’s hear from the students

Yesterday we had a film company in school who were shooting for our Virtual Open Evening, which goes live on 15th October.  In the films we have a range of students talking about what they love about their school, so with no further ado let’s hear from the students….

Laura on The Coleshill Learner

At our school we develop as Coleshill Learners. We are encouraged to achieve our potential by contributing within lessons and to the school community.  We have the opportunity to take part in programmes such as mentoring and leadership, which will help us in later life. We are rewarded when we work hard and push ourselves to be the best that we can be.

Why I love my school - Faye

I feel happy when I am here, we are made to feel welcome and everyone wants us to do well.  I’ve found it very easy to make friends and we have the chance to do more than just attend lessons, we can go to clubs, go on trips and earn rewards for going above and beyond.  Teachers make our lessons fun and our tutors provide support if we ever need it.

Joe on extra-curricular activities

At the Coleshill there is a huge variety of extra-curricular activities from Actors and Artists workshops, Duke of Edinburgh, Dance, Music live lounge events, STEM, Mathemania and there are also a huge number of sports clubs that you can take part in.

My favourite extra-curricular activity is the drama production I have been involved in like Alice in wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Wizard of OZ. We all work together from Year 7’s to 6th form to put on a show and all our friends and families come to watch!  Through all the different extra-curricular activities I have gained experience and found my passion for Drama!

James and George on lessons and learning

Every lesson we have a Do it Now for 5 minutes which we do independently so we can recap and we always have three tiered learning intentions which allow us to secure knowledge and skills, further develop them and achieve excellence each lesson.  Our teachers support our progress by offering us ‘know it’ ‘grasp it’ and ‘think it’ for our main task.  This also helps us to really challenge ourselves and think harder.

Our lessons are engaging – we always have something accessible to do and I have sense of achievement when I get it done.

It’s different from primary school because you get options to choose, starting with the Do It Now activity at the start of the lesson.  This means you can really challenge yourself. It’s challenging, but in a good way – you can do it, you’ve just got to put ‘that extra bit of effort in. 

Finley and Felicity on the importance of high expectations

High expectations about behaviour are important. I like being in a school where students behave well because it helps me feel safe and calm. You know that you can move around the school and people will be nice to you and respect you.  I like that lessons are calm so you can concentrate on learning. 

I like that my teachers have high expectations of all of us – because that means that everybody behaves well and works hard so we can all go on to do our best.  I think it’s important to be proud of your school – and if your school has high expectations – you have high expectations of yourself.

Taylor on what she likes about the Sixth Form

I am currently studying: English Language, English Literature and History with the aim of going to university to continue my further education in English Literature and History as I wish later to go into teaching.  The teachers are extremely supportive allowing me to continue my education and still compete internationally in Taekwondo.  They are always willing to give me additional work so that I do not feel as though I am behind and now, with the introduction of Microsoft Teams, I am able to gain help at any time due to this.  I have found it easier to manage my time between training and studying my A levels.  This has given me the opportunity to complete an EPQ in which i am completing an art portfolio which depicts my personal experience of the national lockdown.

The view of these students is heart-warming and reminds us that children want to be in school, there is always something that will inspire them and they want to do their best.  I wrote to staff last week to tell them I was in awe of each and every one of them and the way in which they had enabled school to reopen so smoothly; lessons are happening as normal and children are learning.  There remain some things we cannot do yet, such as trips and clubs, but these will return eventually and we are already planning for ways in which we can enrich the curriculum after half term.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

Ian Smith-Childs