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Headteacher's Blog - Welcome Back to All Our Families

Heateacher’s Blog - 11th September 2020

Welcome back to all our families

A warm welcome back to all of our families at the end of our first full week with the whole school community together again, since schools closed to all but a few students in March. We live in ever changing times, with ‘The Rule of 6’ introduced this week and Birmingham on the national watch list for additional support.  I know that for many of our families the last few months have been incredibly difficult and I am sure, like me, that you may be nervous about the winter months ahead as the nights draw in. However, this week has been one of hope.  It has been a week of children smiling and laughing, the hub bub of the playground and the excited chatter of young people who have missed the myriad of interactions a day at school brings. Staff have been overwhelmed by the resilience and positivity of the students as they have picked up their pens again and got stuck into learning. The school is full again, the magic moments of teaching and working with your people have returned; for all of us that can only be a good thing.

Keeping everyone safe - Masks to Move

I am sure the children will have informed you of our increasing safety measures in school to keep everyone safe.  When we planned for reopening back in July no one was talking about children wearing masks.  Leading a school of over 1200 students and 150 staff the need for face coverings is clear; if we wear them in supermarket why would we not wear them in a school corridor or when close to the next person in the dinner queue? We have introduced a ‘Mask to Move’ initiative which means children are expected to wear their face coverings whenever they move. This ensures that all children and staff are safe. This is a simple message that students can adhere to; they have adapted to this brilliantly and I want to thank them for this.  A reminder that all students who travel to school on public transport must wear a face covering for the duration of the journey and that masks should be worn on entry to school please and then every time students move.  

The introduction of ‘The Rule of 6’ is a reminder that this virus has not gone away and that we need to maintain social distancing.  In school students are within a strict year group ‘bubble’, but once they leave the school gates I ask that they consider their individual efforts at school and that they act responsibly to maintain social distancing when mixing with students from other year groups.

Head Blog 11.09.2020

Remote learning

Please ensure that your child is able to log in and access both G4S and TEAMs.  This is to ensure that they are able to complete home learning tasks set by the teacher and in the event of an individual absence, if a group of students have to work from home or local lockdown (where either certain year groups or the whole school are unable to be in school), they are able to access and continue to work from home.

For email or password help or any issues with TEAMs, please e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  OR speak to their form tutor For the induction PP on how to use teams please follow the link https://www.thecoleshillschool.org/students/home-study/remote-induction

Collecting students from school

Could we please ask that if you are collecting your child from school by car, you are considerate to our neighbours and wider community.  Please do not park over driveways or use them for turning as this can block our neighbours, some of them who are elderly, from leaving or entering their house. Please also respect all road marking including zig zags and bus bays.

Visits to school

In order to keep our staff and students safe at this challenging time we have the rule in place that parents and carers are not allowed into the school building and all visitors must be pre-approved and essential.  As such please do not come to school to drop off items for your child, or to see staff unless you have an appointment.  When children forget items that they need in the school day they will be supported by their Year Leader, but we politely request that you do not bring the items into school at this time.  Visitors will be asked to show their appointment confirmation email before they are admitted to the building.

Head Blog 11.09.2020 2

I would like to thank you, our families, for your ongoing support.  The ATLP moto of ‘Together We are Stronger’ has never been truer and we will all rely on each other during the months ahead. Your support and reinforcement of our key messages are vital. 

I wish you and your family a good weekend.

Ian Smith-Childs