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Headteachers's Blog - 26th June 2020

Headteacher’s Blog   25th June

Parent and student video for using MS TEAMs

We continue to develop our use of Microsoft TEAMs.

Miss Scattergood, one of our amazing teachers, has recorded a help video which you can view by clicking this https://www.loom.com/share/c36cd8394d1f47c1a73045fd08250349 

The powerpoint that is explained in this video is available on our website using this link:-  Teams Guide

Remember that TEAMs can work on a mobile phone, so even if devices are an issue for you in your household hopefully your child can access on their phone.

Tutor Meetings on TEAMS

Tutors for Year 7-9 are arranging meetings with the students in their tutor groups on TEAMs, if they have not already done so, during the next week.  I hope students make the most of this opportunity. Turn your screens on and say hello to your friends in your tutor group!

Live maths lesson on TEAMS for all of Year 8 and Year 9

To demonstrate how TEAMs works for lessons the maths department will be running live lessons for Year 9 at 10.30 and  Year 8 at 11.30.  Please watch the video link above or read the instruction sheet on how to access TEAMs so your child can attend their year group’s session with a maths teacher.

Year 10 using TEAMS

It has been wonderful to welcome back Year 10 students in their bubble and they have been pleased to see us.  We have used a simple survey to get them to reflect on the work they have been doing at home.  Attendance has been good, well above the national picture; we look forward to seeing the other family bubbles next week.  We have been working hard with those students in school to get them logged in and working with TEAMS. This is really important as, whatever school looks like in September, TEAMS will be a major part of our work with Year 11 students for revision.

Next week Mr Jordan, Assistant Headteacher leading Year 11, will be sharing a Loom video (like the one in the link above) around the importance of engagement, motivation and organisation for Year 10 students as they go into the summer.

It is important to emphasise that, despite what you may hear and read in the national media, many of our subjects are well ahead in Year 10 and students will have completed most of their courses in a number of subjects.  We will be focusing on skills and revision when we return to school, as well as finishing any remaining units. It is important that students are working through what is being set and getting organised, but that they are not worrying about the impact of this time on their final outcomes.  This is a national issue and they will be in a similar position to other students nationally. We are calm and positive about how the students will return and will ensure they get the very best support when they do.

Black Lives Matter 500 words writing competition

Next week there will be a variety of activities to engage students with the Black Lives Matter movement. There will be an assembly uploaded onto our You Tube channel and website, tutor activities and an opportunity for students to write 500 words on the subject.  Students in Year 7 and 8 can then enter their writing into a national competition.

“500 Words” is the world’s largest story-writing competition for children. Over a million stories have been submitted since 2011, in response to everything from technology to climate change. Now, 500 Words want to bring children’s voices onto the themes and issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement.

From 6:30am on Monday 29th June until Friday 3rd July at 11.59pm 2020, children aged between 5 and 13 are invited to respond in whatever way they wish in no more than 500 words, in the form of a story.

The narratives written and shared matter. 500 Words asks children to draw on their own experiences and feelings to create a story that can be as imaginative and visionary as they want. Storytelling is a must!

We at Coleshill support this opportunity for our Year 7 and Year 8 students to get involved, get creative and share their views.  So, as well as promoting submission to 500 Words, we are running our own competition alongside it.  If you decide to send your story in to 500 Words, send it to us too!  All your submissions will be read by a panel of judges in school and the winner and runners up will receive a prize as well as having your story published on the school website.

The reason Coleshill are supporting and promoting this story writing competition is to encourage children to tap into their own creativity and imagination, using storytelling to share their experience and understanding of how different ethnicities and cultures interact.

To submit your story to 500 Words, please follow this link https://500words.me/ .  To submit to Coleshill School, send to your form tutor via Microsoft Teams.

Any questions or queries, please contact Mrs Tremble at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sixth Form Induction Day

I am pleased to announce that we will be having a Virtual Sixth Form Induction Day on Wednesday 8th July, starting at 10am.  Although we cannot have our induction for Year 11 in school, as we normally would, we feel it is important that students have an opportunity to find out about what it is like to be in the Sixth Form and find out about the subjects that students are interested in taking in September.

The letter inviting prospective sixth formers will be sent to students today and can be accessed here: Induction Letter

Ian Smith-Childs