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House System Re-launched at The Coleshill School


In September 2019 The Coleshill School re-launched their House system. The reasoning behind this was to build on the House/family ethos of The Coleshill School by providing a vessel:

to develop children’s character, resilience, confidence and independence, encouraging a healthy mind and body enabling children to develop and discover their talents and interests equipping children to be responsible, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to society develop and embrace student leadership

There are 4 Houses: Dudley, Newburgh, Greville and Beauchamp.  Each House will choose a charity that they will raise money for and House competitions will take place throughout the year. There will be four charity days that will be dedicated to raising funds for these worthwhile causes. We will have strong links with these charities and students will be invited to see where their money goes, and how it helps others.

Every term there will be a House competition culminating in the winning house having a non-uniform day. There will be House competitions every half term from sporting events to Bake offs! The first competition held involved students coming up with a motto that suited their House.

The winning House mottos are:-

Dudley - Be strong; be brave; be fierce and be the best you can be…be the Dudley lion!

Newburgh - Smarter and stronger together for together we are united and brave

Greville - As Knights of the Thistle we will persevere

Beauchamp - Even though we may fail, we will pull through and we will succeed. Keep calm and Beauchamp on !

Susan Cooksey, House Co-ordinator, commented: “We had some fantastic entries in our House motto competition.  The the winning entries above are inspirational and will be used in school for a long time to come.  The deserving winners enjoyed a special lunch with Mr Smith-Childs, Headteacher.”