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The Perfect Shot!

On Sunday 3rd February 2019, Terri-Ann, Year 9 student and Daniel, Year 10 student, both at The Coleshill School, took part in the Warwickshire County Indoor Archery Championships at Quantum Archers in Handsworth. 

Terri-Ann and Daniel were part of the Junior Team who won the Junior County Cup at the Warwickshire County Indoor Competition.  They both shot extremely well with Terri-Ann gaining 2nd in County (Warwickshire) and 2nd in Region (West Midlands) for her class and Daniel maintaining good form all morning.

Terri-Ann has been shooting for just over two years.  Her current classification of Junior Bowman means she is in the top 15% of junior archers in the country. She is also ranked number 63 in the country for all junior archers, and number 17 in her current age group. Terri-Ann competes at both regional and national competitions, and these are some of the highlights from last season:

Daniel has been shooting for 4 and a half years. He has a current classification of 1st Class at Under 16. Daniel has shot twice for the county of Warwickshire, and has just secured his first sponsorship with The Archery Shop www.thearcheryshop.co.uk

Mr Smith-Childs, Headteacher, commented “We are really proud of Terri-Ann and Daniel, their enthusiasm, hard work and commitment has helped them achieve these awards.”

Terri Ann DanielTerri Ann 1