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New Teaching Block !


On Tuesday 8th January 2019 a Regulatory Committee meeting took place at Warwickshire County Council and the committee voted to give planning permission for a new teaching block and facilities at The Coleshill School, which is being funded by Warwickshire County Council.   The expansion of the school is to accommodate up to 1330 students in the coming years, with an increasing proportion of students coming from Warwickshire primary schools.

The next phase of the project is now moving forward and the provisional plans include: 12 classrooms including some with retractable walls which will provide space for examinations or double classrooms, additional dining room space, a piazza style landscaped area and additional car parking.  The location of the building is to be opposite the current dining room within the school grounds.  At this stage it is anticipated that building will be completed in the autumn term 2019. 

Mr Smith-Childs, Headteacher commented “This building work will future proof the school and mean we can provide a high quality education to over 1300 students.  I am proud to be in a school where the local community has so much confidence in us and wants to send their children to us. We look forward to sharing plans and timeline with the local community once they have been finalised.”