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Year 8 Awards Evening

On Tuesday 17th July we held the Year 8 Awards Evening 

The awards were for recognition of commitment to school life and extra-curricular activities.  Teachers nominated the students for their outstanding work they do in lessons every day.

Mr Smith-Childs said "I am so proud of all the effort and hard work that our students have put in this year.  They are all amazing our the awards are really well deserved. Everybody has a talent - we just have to find it and then embrace and nurture it".

Awards 1Awards 2Awards 3Awards 4Awards 5Awards 6Awards 6Awards 7Awards 8Awards 9Awards 10Awards 11Awards 12Awards 13Awards 14Awards 15Awards 16Awards 17Awards 18Awards 19Awards 20Awards 21Awards 23Awards 24Awards 25Awards 26Awards 27Awards 28Awards 30 hAwards 31 h