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Important Information on Bus Transport

Dear Parents / Carers

Important information re bus transport from students who live outside Warwickshire

I hope that you and your families are having an enjoyable summer. I am writing regarding transport arrangements for students who travel by bus from outside Warwickshire, as we are making some adjustments to improve the overall service and to support the increased number of students travelling to and from the school from outside the Warwickshire area.  We have been in lengthy discussions and consultation with the National Express West Midlands Bus Company who operate the current services (891 and 70) to make these improvements and also to increase the level of service that they provide.

In order to ensure the safe and effective transport of all students we are implementing the following arrangements from the start of term.  An overview of the morning services are given below, and we will be putting more detailed bus timetables on our website at the start of term.  I would ask you to look carefully with your child at the timetable to ensure that your child gets to school on time.

Bus Timetable 2017

Afternoon service

In order to ensure that all children can travel home safely we will be managing the return journey as follows. Please read through this with your child so that they are aware of the new arrangements.  Coleshill staff will supervise students getting onto the buses and we will expect all students to follow the guidelines below.

Year 7

All Year 7 students will be getting onto one double-decker bus, which will come into the school site and will go to both Chelmsley Wood and Marston Green.  This is a new service.

Year 8 and 9

All students will get on the two double-deckers that currently come to school, with buses going to Chelmsley Wood and Marston Green.

Year 10 and 11

All students going to Chelmsley Wood will be getting on the public number 70 bus.  However, following our discussions with the bus company, the bus will come into school and pick up the students at 3.25pm.  This will be trialled as the bus must be able to get into the turning circle, load and leave straight away as it is a public bus service.  If this does not work we will be supervising students getting the bus from the Coventry Road.

Students going to Marston Green will be able to get onto the three double-deckers which come into school and any who are unable to get on will be transported by mini bus.  Those who need to get the mini buses will leave school at approximately 3.40pm, when the mini buses return from their Sixth Form run.  However, we would anticipate a number of students being in after school activities so would hope the mini buses will not be needed.  There will be no additional charges for mini bus journeys.  Also, please note that Year 11 students will be in “Directed Time” (after school revision) most days after school from early in the autumn term.

We have worked hard over the summer holiday to secure a better all-round service for families travelling from outside of Warwickshire.  I appreciate that the arrangements may mean some adjustments for some students, particularly in Years 10 and 11, but I would hope that you will support our work to ensure that transport to and from school is safe and as efficient as we can make it. 

In order to facilitate these developments we have had to pay for an additional bus.  This is costing the school in the region of £35,000 per year.  The additional bus will support the transport of all students, as it will be in both the morning and afternoon runs.  We will have to look at how we can recoup costs from families who are using the bus services from 2018/19 and will be in contact regarding this in the autumn term.  I would ask that children continue to use the bus service, or cycle, as the main ways to travel to school as there is very limited parking outside the school.

Thank you for your support in this matter. If you have any queries regarding buses please contact Julia Burnett, Assistant Business Manager via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yours faithfully

Ian Smith-Childs