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Your relationship with us continues long after you leave and we look forward to following your journeys.   Never forget, The Coleshill School will always be your school so make sure you keep checking the website for the latest news, event invites and opportunities to stay in touch.


Former student Jane Baker (now Jane Talbot) is a Solicitor and is about to become a Barrister

Alumni Jane Baker

Jane attended The Coleshill School and took an A Level in Law, then studed Law at Birmingham Univeristy.  Following her graduation, she began her journey, firstly at the Birmingham law firm Anthony Collins whereshe stayed for 7 years.  Then to a national law firm Weightman's to head up a team and was awarded "Solicitor of the Year". As a recognised expert in her field, she was asked for her input by the Home Office after giving evidence to a select committee which resulted in a law change, ratified by the House of Lords.  She has since been asked to speak to the Welsh Assembly.  Jane is the current chair of the Law Society Committee.  She recently took exams for higher rights in law and has now decided to become a Barrister and has been called to the Bar on 28th July 2016.

Below is the journey of a past student, Dr Karen Masters – now a prominent astronomer

Secondary school (12-16): The Coleshill School, Coleshill. GCSEs in Double Science (A*), Maths (A), English Language (A) and Literature (A), Design Technology (A), French (A), Geography (A), Music (A) and Art (A).

Undergraduate degree: BA Physics (1st class), Oxford University (Wadham College), 1997-2000A-levels in Physics (A and S-level), Maths (A), Further Maths (A) and Chemistry (A): King Edward VIth Form College, Nuneaton, postdoctoral research Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, Sept 2005- June 2008. (Supervisor - John Huchra), graduate degree: PhD Astronomy, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 2000-2005 (Adviser - Martha Haynes, I also got an MSc in Astronomy from Cornell as part of the course).

Oct 2010-2012: Leverhulme TrustEarly Career Fellow, oct 2012-2014: Faculty of Technology Research Investment Fund Fellow, Senior Lecturer at Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portmsouth, Oct 2014-onwards.