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Exam & Assessment Results

2017 GCSE Results

2017 A Level Results

Below are the details of the examination results from 2017. Owing to late results for some students in English our results do not appear correctly on some government websites. The link below shows you the Department for Education Performance Tables page for our school, who have validated this data.

KS4 (end of secondary school) Results 2017
P8 Score -0.12
Attainment 8 43
Percentage of students who achieved a secure pass in English and mathematics (4+, equivalent to a C grade) 60%
Percentage of students entering Ebacc 33%
Achieving Ebacc at grade 4/C or above 21%
Achieving Ebacc at grade 5/C or above 11%
Student 'destinations' (the percentage of students who continue in education, training, or move on to employment after Y11) 95%
16 to 19 (Key stage 5) Results 2017
A Level
Progress Score -0.06
Average garde C-
Percentage completing their main study programme 87%
Vocational Qualifications
Progress Score 0.41
Average Result Dist+
Percentage completing their main study programme 75%
Retake English and mathematics
Progress in English at The Coleshill School 0.42
Progress in English England Average -0.1
Progress in mathematics at The Coleshill School -0.28
Progress in mathematics England Average -0.13
Student destinations
Students staying in education or employment for at least 2 terms after 16-18 study 93%


Please click here for more information on school performance measures.

Please click here to find school performance tables